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Couple Farming in Chota

Ecuadorian family with bountiful harvest

Pacho Gangotena showing what fertile soil looks like.

Pacho Gangotena showing what fertile soil looks like.

Visit to Pacho Gangotena's farm in Puembo, Ecuador.

Visit to Pacho Gangotena’s farm in Puembo, Ecuador.

Cold Paramo in Ecuador

Tzimbuto Community

Typical Dance in Tzimbuto Community

Tejiendo vidas

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Preparing the ground to planting seeds

Sharing ideas

Just smiling

Executive Director Ross Borja in the field

Llama in Paramo

Taking the harvest

Pedro Oyarzun

Having fun while harvesting

Flower of Chocho de Páramo

Corn Flower


Stephen Sherwood

Working hard on the potato garden, featuring 23 native species.

Market in Salcedo

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Lessons in wool-spinning in Spanish, English, and Quichua

The children of Cotopaxi prepared a dance