Our Initiatives

Our initiatives are structured around five central themes.

1. Agrobiodiversity

While genetic diversity is seen as an asset in the context of conservation, it also provides farming communities with options when it comes to food security and climate change adaptation.

2. Soils and Landscapes

Agriculture focuses on the work of the land, this work change the soils and landscapes, achieving a harmonious balance is essential.

3. Water Management

Ekorural mobilizes local potential around rainwater management as a means of rehabilitating the resource base, building resilience to climate variability and improving farm livelihoods.

4. Access to local Markets

Local market’s trading could transform much of Ecuador’s food system into a positive force that dramatically improves the health of millions of marginalized people as well as much of the country’s ailing landscape.

5. Livelihoods

The communities produce handicrafts which can be focused on the conservation, use of biodiversity (wild crops and plants – fibers and natural dyes) strengthen the links between the environment, agriculture and markets.